In my 3 decades as a servant of God

Time flies so fast, seem it’s only yesterday when I received the true baptism in the church which I am affiliated. Not too aware of the time, because of busy schedule oftentimes, I have reached my 3 decades serving God with all passion and true devotion in my heart. Amidst of all the trials and persecutions I’ve encountered for the past 30 years of being servant of God, I thank Him for His mercy and help for I am triumphant enough to survive it all including the calamities which struck on my life. But still, it is not yet the end of the battle. I know more or less that I have a long road to walk; more trials and persecutions are coming on my way, and if it is going to happen my ardent prayer would be the same, in which on how I overcome all the trials and persecutions; I hope God is there and will always interfere.



As I look back, a meaningful July 4, 1986 date is so much memorable to me because it is my Sabbath. Wow amazing! it’s been 3 decades now, 30 long years is not a joke! I am very grateful to God; He gave me a chance to meet Brother Eli and Brother Daniel, the 2 very kind men who enlightened my spiritual awareness. And the fact in which I’ve found a genuine peace in God’s fold. But I may say, it is not so easy to walk straight in God’s manner. There are temptations all around, and sometimes hardships and failures are inescapable maybe because that is part of Christian life. But thanks God through His help I surpassed it all.

Even the Lord Christ suffered hardships and persecutions like what the bible says in
John 15:20 Remember the word that I said unto you, The servant is not greater than his lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you; if they have kept my saying, they will keep yours also.
This verse gives aspiration on me, a consolation somehow despite many persecutions, I must continue serving God. If Jesus Christ has been persecuted, who am I not to experience persecutions? Am I greater than Christ? Of course not!
Not only that verse has given aspiration and inspiration on me. If you’re going to read the entire bible especially the New Testament, you would know what I am talking and get inspired nothing less!


Now I have to look forward.. As what I have said, there are many roads of trials to walk with. If Almighty Father grants me a long life, I still want to continue living with God, in peace and in good works. With God’s permission, help and guidance I want another 30 years or more. Till the end of my life, I promise to God be His servant no matter what.

Though unworthy but proudly say I am a Christian…

Thanks God for the highest calling!
And I am tirelessly repeating, “Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift”!


Another good history in NBA

Here I go again after 3 years writing about the NBA finals between Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs, wherein the Miami Heat won the title for the second time. I’ve found myself writing again the very historical NBA Finals between Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors.
I am a big fan of LeBron James. When he used to play in Miami my heart was in Miami, but when he left his team and join his former team which is the Cleveland Cavaliers and his Native land as well, I began to be called a “bandwagon” fan.

I have watched the whole series of playoffs in Eastern Conference as well as Western Conference. Not so thrilling in East Finals, but more exciting in West Finals. Cavaliers were the Eastern Conference Finals champion.


Oklahoma City or Thunders led by Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook was ahead in the series (3-1) over Warriors and almost got the chance to play in the finals. But unfortunately, through the expense and brilliance of Steph Curry and the rest of his team they defeated the OKC. The Golden State Warriors proceed to the finals for the second straight time again which they are the 2015 NBA Champion defeating last year the Cleveland Cavaliers minus the 2 injured key players Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving that time.



Golden State Warriors in elimination round broke the record of Chicago Bulls with 73 wins and only 9 loses. But Chicago Bulls headed by Michael Jordan got the ring on his time with their 72-10, while Warriors did not.

The finals have come, Cavaliers and Warriors rematch! In the first 2 games, Warriors are up by 2 games. But Cavaliers came back on game 3 and almost totally sweep the opponent because in their came back they only lose in game 4. They swept the Warriors in their last 3 games. History in NBA recorded because they are the only team came back with the 3-1 deficit and got the title and named 2016 NBA Champion. Another history recorded was the first team in finals with 2 players (LeBron and Irving) got 41 points each. Lebron James named MVP finals because of his all-around effort.



Critics and Fans of Golden State said that NBA is rigged. According to them the true winner is Adam Silver the NBA Commissioner, because he planned all the way to make the series reached 7 games so that NBA earn more money considering the ticket was so expensive amounting to 26,000 dollars. According to them proof that NBA is rigged, were so obvious in game 5 and 6, because Draymond Green in game 5 was suspended due to a clash with LeBron James that happens to be a loss for Warriors. While referees careless call of fouls in Warriors resulting to Curry’s ejection in the court.


As a fan and observer, the very reason why Green was suspended in game 5 were just because of the 3 flagrant fouls he earned, and that was the NBA rules. Yes I agree that there are careless call by referees, but it affected by both team. But I have to admit more bad calls on Warriors! I pity on Curry, he must not be ejected. He burst his patience by the wrong calls of the referees. Well that’s basketball life!

I think, It is possible to be rigged if their score are so close, but it is not.

What I know is, I am so happy because after 52 years of drought Cleveland Cavaliers were now achieved the respect of NBA history and that is due to the heroic of Kyrie Irving when he shoot a 3pt basket and break their tie score to GSW, plus the block of LeBron to deny the 2 point possible score of Andrei Iguodala and of course the team effort that leads them to get the 2016 NBA title.


Lebron once promise to bring the championship in his Native land, and wow he kept his promise.

Congrats my Cavs for your superb performance! You played so intense especially in game 6. And that’s one of the best.

Still congratulation also to Golden State, you did your best I know, but this year is not yours, it’s from Cleveland.

Congratulations to our country’s new leader

Since now it’s official, great wishes and prayers to our newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo.


(President Rodrigo Duterte)


(Vice President Leni Robredo)

May they be guided by the grace of the Almighty to lead our nation out of perils and crisis and into prosperous future.

May they grant them the wisdom and the foresights needed to mobilize the weary and burned-out workforce at the national government and eliminate the bad apples.

May they be the new ally and defender of all the members of Church of God In Christ Jesus or most popularly known as ANG DATING DAAN.

If this simple wishes of mine would happen, I know this is another will of God no matter what.

Once again, congratulation to our newly elected leaders in our country! God bless you all.

Ang Pangulo ko ay gagamitan ko ng puso at isip

Palapit na ng palapit ang eleksyon, nag uumigting at nagkukumahog na sa pangangampanya ang mga kandidato partikular na ang mga Presedentiables.
Makikita sa kanila ang eagerness na maging susunod na pangulo ng bansa. Nakakahanga ang kanilang determinasyon na maging lider ng ating bayan.
Kahit pa nga yung isa ay ilang beses ng tumakbo pagka pangulo at hindi naman pinapalad ay wala pa ding kadaladala, at
Kahit pa nga nakikipaglaban sa kanyang sakit ay di pa din sya nagko concede.
Yung isa naman mahahalata mo talagang may ambisyon din naman, kahit pa humantong sa korte ang issue ng kanyang pagiging American citizen ay talagang pilit nyang ipinaglalaban ang kanyang karapatan para makapaglingkod lang sa bayan.
Yung isa naman ay nagtyaga, nagumpisa muna sa posisyong mababa,ngunit ng
pinalad at nakalusot sa vice presidential race ay inambisyon na ang mas mataas pang pwesto sa gobyerno. Meron naman urong-sulong pa nung umpisa pero kalaunan ay pumayag na din, pero marahil ang totoo ay nag aambisyon ding maging Pangulo. At yung isa pa na matagal na ring nag ambisyon maging Pangulo,nag give way lang muna sya sa bestfriend nya, at ngayon ay tila wala na talagang makakapigil sa kanya..
Ganyan sila ka determinado magkaroon ng kapangyarihan at maglingkod daw sa bansang ito.

Subalit ang mga pulitiko halos pare-pareho lang ang mga iyan, siraan ng siraan,batikusan ng batikusan,pagalingan ng pagalingan..

Ang mga pulitiko mahusay manligaw o manuyo sa mga tao, Halos parepareho sila ng style sa panunuyo.. Hindi sila napapagod ngumiti sa mga tao, pinipilit nilang huwag mangawit sa pakikipagkamay o pakikipag shake hands sa bawat nakakasalubong at sinasalubong nila. May mga nagpapapiktyur sa mga gustong makasama sila sa picture. May kumakarga sa mga bata, may mga yumayakap sa matatanda na para bang concern na concern talaga sya.. May nakikisalong kumain ng nakakamay sa mga lugar na pinupuntahan nila na kadalasan ang pinipiling kasalo ay yung mga ordinaryong tao. May ibang kandidato naman na may bukod na style maliban sa aking mga nabanggit, may namumudmod ng pera at mga give aways, may humahalik lips to lips sa babae at kung ano-ano pang mga istilo nila.

Sa kanilang panunuyo ay di alintana ang hirap, sakripisyo, pagod at milyon milyong gastos na kahit di pa nga campaign period ay lipana na ang kanilang mga ads sa print, tv, at radyo.

Ang kanilang mga sinusuyo kadalasan at majority ay mga mahihirap. Bidang bida sa kanila yung mga magsasaka, mangingisda, yung mga wala daw pagkain sa hapag, bida din yung mga hindi daw nakakapag aral etcetera, etcetera.
Ang daming platapormang inihahain ng bawat kumakandidato. Papogian at pagalantehan sa mga nililigawang Juan dela Cruz. Patamisan at pabulaklakan ng mga sinasabi sa kanilang nililigawan upang makamit lang ang “OO”na inaasam.

Ngunit ang masaklap na katotohanan, pagkatapos na masungkit ang botong inaasam ng pinalad na nanuyo at nanligaw, tila baga naman si Juan dela Cruz ay kinalimutan. Yung mga plataporma at mga pangakong binitawan ay hindi naman lahat nagkaroon ng katuparan. Halos walang pinagkaiba sa isang lalaking after nyang manligaw, nangako ng kung ano-ano sa babaeng kanyang niligawan. Kesyo ibibigay daw ang tala at buwan, kapag sinagot daw sya paliligayahin daw nya, hindi daw nya pahihirapan, hindi daw nya sasaktan,hindi daw nya gugutumin at kung ano-ano pang “hindi daw nya”..
Ngunit nung naging magasawa na sila, hindi nman natupad yung ipinangako nya sa niligawan nya, yung ginawa niya ay kabaligtaran sa mga ipinangako nya..

Alam na alam na natin ang style ng mga pulitiko, hindi na bago sa ating pandinig at paningin mga sinasabi at ginagawa nila. Pero hindi naman nangangahulugan na babalewain natin ang ating mga karapatan upang iluklok ang inaakala nating karapatdapat magwagi bilang Lider ng ating bayan.
Maingat tayong magsuri, pairalin ang puso at isip, hindi komo maganda ang hinahaing plataporma ay mahahalina ka na..
Suriing maigi ang  kandidato, baka ito ba ay naiimpluwensyahan ng lider ng relihiyon, kung ito ba ay nakikipag kompromiso na magkakaroon ng mga pwesto sa gobyerno ang nilapitan nyang relihiyon kapalit ng pangakong bloc voting.

Kapag nakita natin na ang kandidato ay nakipag kompromiso sa mga masasamang iglesia o relihiyon tiyak na tiyak yung mga platapormang ipinangako nya ay hinding hindi magkakaroon ng katuparan.
Ang mga krimen at korapsyon hindi na mawawala yan dahil nasa biblia yan..

1 Datapuwa’t alamin mo ito, na sa mga huling araw ay darating ang mga panahong mapanganib. 2 Sapagka’t ang mga tao’y magiging maibigin sa kanilang sarili, maibigin sa salapi, mayayabang, mga mapagmalaki, mapagtungayaw, masuwayin sa mga magulang, mga walang turing, mga walang kabanalan, 3 Walang katutubong pagibig, mga walang paglulubag, mga palabintangin, mga walang pagpipigil sa sarili, mga mabangis, hindi mga maibigin sa mabuti, 4 Mga lilo, mga matitigas ang ulo, mga palalo, mga maibigin sa kalayawan kay sa mga maibigin sa Dios; 5 Na may anyo ng kabanalan, datapuwa’t tinanggihan ang kapangyarihan nito: lumayo ka rin naman sa mga ito.
(2Tim 3:1-5)

Kaya kahit sino pa ang manalo ay hindi na aasenso at titino ang ating bayan.

Ngunit kung ibig nating mabuhay pa din ng payapa at matiwasay sa isang bansang talamak na ang kaguluhan, pwes wag tayong boboto sa kandidatong tutupi At u-oo lang ng u-oo sa iglesiang maimpluwensya at masama..
Ika nga ni brother Eli: “If we want a clean and honest government, let us not vote for candidates that fear religious leaders but God”


Delikado talaga pag ang kandidato yuko ang ulo sa religious leader, dapat ang piliin yung takot sa Dios hindi sa tao.

Sa lahat ng makakabasa nito na kapwa ko Pilipino, botante man o hindi baka pwedeng maglambing sa inyo, sa May 9 pakisali nyo po sa balota nyo #100BHPartylist


At kung hindi ka pa botante pakibalita naman sa mga kakilala nyo ang partylist na ito. If you want to know more about BH Partylist, just visit

Kasihan nawa tayo ng Poong Maykapal..God bless Philippines! May the best candidate win!

Is there any big difference between your faith and my faith?


Every first Friday of the month is the schedule of our worldwide bible exposition hosted by the sensible preacher none other than brother Eli Soriano and brother Daniel Razon, wherein in every remote areas, there are guests participating by asking a questions regarding the bible and sometimes there are also guests not only asking a question but debating brother Eli, combating the faith that brother Eli have learned in the bible, resulted them to put in ashamed. Like an adage says: “They can never put the good man down”, and the very good reason is just because it is written in the bible. Let us read the book of Joel 2:27 And ye shall know that I am in the midst of Israel and that I am the Lord your God, and none else: and my people shall never be ashamed. That is the promised of God to His people that’s why every time there are debates between pastors, minister or priest or whoever versus Brother Eli, the righteousness of God always prevails.
One thing I have notice, almost every month there are guest asking the same question of what is the difference between their faiths to our faith, the difference between other religions to our religion and etcetera. Brother Eli did not tired answering those boring questions even though it is so tiring to hear it repeatedly by many different people especially those who are regularly attending our bible exposition.


If you are going to ask me if what is the difference between my religion to your religion, I always end up saying “there are lots of differences”. I don’t have my own teaching, but of course I always stick to what I have learned to my preacher knowing that his teaching is always based in the bible. Regardless of what faith or religion you belong, it has a very big difference. Not to mention all, but there are some to enumerate;
We didn’t accept any forms of help, to those who are not co-believers especially if it is financial (Matt.28:19-20)
Baptism, marriages are free of service in our church (Matt.10:8)
We didn’t baptize the young ones, only those who have faith. Babies don’t have yet the power to believe (Acts 29-38)
We don’t have any idols or images to worship, it is prohibited (Exo.20:1-5)
We simply called our preacher as Brother Eli; unlike other religions they called their preacher as “Pastor”, “Father”, and “Master” etcetera. (Matt 23:9)
Lord Jesus is God, the son of Almighty Father, not a human, nor an angel. (Gen.1:26); (John 1:1-2,14)
We didn’t practice tights nowadays, because we are in the year of our Lord not a year of Israelites especially Levites who had commanded to give tights. (1 Cor. 16:1-2); (Matt 23:23)
Those specified above are some of many big differences between my faith to your faith. Hope it may serves as a little guide to compare your faith to mine.
All what I know is, if my faith is not biblical then it is not from God. If your preacher didn’t teach the true doctrine of Christ, so what are you waiting for? Just leave and seek the man who teaches the true one. Don’t be so fanatic in your religion, swallow our pride, it didn’t saved us! But for me, I may say that I am fanatic on my faith. Why? Because I knew from the very start since I became a member of our church that, this is the true faith and the true church as well. Proven and tested for so many years!

Happy 8th Years to both of us honey

When I said I do, I mean that I will till the end of all time be faithful
and true devoted to you
That’s what I had in mind when I said…I do
To the man I have chosen to love and be with me for a lifetime,
Happy Anniversary!
I want you to know that words are not enough to say that I love you.


And to the girl I have chosen to love and be with me for a lifetime,
I want to grow old with you, I love you more honey…
May the good Lord bless us always.
May He always be our companion, continuing to guide us from day to day.
May our bonds of marriage stay strong amidst all fears.
Let the love and friendship for one another
withstand the spices that are challenges in today’s troubled world.

Thanks God for my existence!


Today is my 47th year of existing in this world, and as I grow older I feel that I am more matured especially with regards to spiritual matter.

Though being born in flesh is least important than be born in spirit, like what the bible says: Eclessiastes 7:1
A GOOD name is better than precious ointment; and the day of death than the day of one’s birth.

Did you notice what the bible said? The day of death is better than the day of one’s birth. Yes it is very true, especially if a man did not recognize the goodness and righteousness of God, his life and days are no values for he spend it unwisely.
For who knoweth what is good for man in this life, all the days of his vain life which he spendeth as a shadow? for who can tell a man what shall be after him under the sun? 
(Eccl 6:12 KJV)

But if a man not only born in flesh but also born in spirit, being baptized in the true Church, follow the teachings of God, his existence is worthy in the eyes of God.

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